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A scintillating amalgamation of Tribal Wonders, Mystic Temples & Bounties of Nature


“It sounds so far away and different. I like different places. I like any places that isn't here.”  Edna Ferber


Have you ever raised a toast with the tribal folks? Or critically analyzed temples’ architectural designs?


What makes Odisha unique?


Located on the east coast, Odisha (formerly Orissa) is known as the Soul of India, is a mystical land where the hoary past and the modern today form a harmonious blend, where ancient temples blend with modernity of the city. Get ready to experience facets of Orissa that are known by very few. From the elegant tribal vivacity to intoxicating dance festival, we bring you more than you could ask for. This trip is for culture lovers, dance & music enthusiasts, historians, shoppers, wanderers, and everybody who wants to experience a unique India, learn what textbooks don’t teach & enter a philosophical realm, facilitated by seasoned escorts.



Did you know?


• For centuries a substantial part of Cambodia and Thailand were colonies of Odisha
• The historical Kalinga war was fought in Odisha
• World’s oldest coins were discovered in Odisha
• Rosogulla, the most famous Bengali sweet actually originated from Puri in Odisha
• The Jagannath temple kitchen in Puri is reputed to be the largest kitchen in the world, with 400 cooks working around 200 hearths to feed over 10,000 people each day.




Our Specialty


We will meet the most interesting tribes at their weekly market, who come there to share drinks at the haat and play music - all fitted in an amazing landscape which explains living in harmony with nature beyond time. There you can listen to the stories of the people, their beliefs, rituals and understand the indigenous agricultural livelihood.


Join us on our vibrant tour to Incredible Odisha with our experienced facilitators … because you simply cannot afford to miss this



Departure date: February 19, 2015

Duration: 07 days





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The entire tour was amazing. Bhutan is indeed very beautiful. I enjoyed the trip to the core.
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